What is Aadhaar Card ?How to check Aadhaar Card Status Online.

Aadhaar Card is the identification card for the residents of India that has 12 digits unique identity number based on their biometric and statistic data. For the every resident in India these data are collected through the UIDAIhttp://www.uidai.gov.in (Unique Identification Authority of
India) it is the authority that is established by government of India in January 2009 under the jurisdiction of union Government of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meit). Aadhaar is the most sophisticated ID programmer in the world that is run by Indian government. From the launch of the Aadhaar card the Indian government has made this card mandatory to have by the entire citizen India. To check the online Aadhaar card status you can visit nearby internet cafe and ask them to show you Aadhaar card status, they will ask you about receipt which you got while enrollment for Aadhaar card. Deliver them so. After sometime they will show you your Aadhaarstatus on their computer or tell you about that.
How to check Aadhaar  status online
You have enrolled. Now you can check if your Aadhaar is generated. To check your
Aadhaar status, you will require Enrolment Id.
1. Go to the website.
2. Click on “Check Aadhaar Status” tab under “Aadhaar Online Services”.
3. Now enter 14 digit enrolment number and 14 digit date and time of enrolment.
4. Click on “check Status” button.
5. Your Aadhaar status will display on your screen.
If you have applied for an Aadhaar card but still haven't received it? You can easily
check the Aadhaar  status of your application online. You always need the copy of
the acknowledgement slip because it display because it has 14 digit enrolment number
that helps you to generate Aadhaar card.

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