What is PAN Card and how to get the PAN Card Status

Permanent Account Number Card (PAN Card) is a unique alphanumeric number which has 10 digits. Permanent Account Number is assigned to each individual by the Dept. of Income Tax. PAN  is very important to be declared while opening a new account and for conducting a certain type of transactions and anyone can check their Pan Status .
PAN Card has a wide acceptance in finance and banking sector and its widespread usage and acceptance make it compulsory to have.
Let's take a look at some facts about PAN Card:
 There is no validity for a PAN. Once you get your PAN Card, no further need to
renew it. PAN Card is valid for your entire life.
PAN Card was first introduced in 1972.
 As of today, only about 30% of people have PAN Card registered.
 A person can hold more than one PAN Cards provided both of them are identical.
PAN  Status Tracking
After you have submitted your application for acquiring a , it usually takes
around 15 days to get your card. The government has provided us with some easy
ways to check the status of your request to acquire a PAN .
Tracking through SMS
A very simple way to check for the application status is to send an SMS “NSDLPAN
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” to 57575 (X’s represents the 15 digit process acceptance
Tracking Via Phone Call
Just call a TIN call center at 020-27218080 to get the update on your application’s
Online Tracking
Online tracking is one the fastest ways to check for your application status.
There is an official website on which you can check the status by simply following some
easy steps.
Online Portals to check PAN Card Application Status
 UTI Portal (http://www.trackpan.utiitsl.com/PANONLINE/#forward)
 NSDL Portal( https://www.tin-nsdl.com)

 Official Website (TIN-NSDL)
You just need to enter your 15 digit acceptance number and some details like Name and Date of Birth to check application status online.

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