PAN card is the individual and unique entity and valid throughout the country. On the off chance that Permanent Account Number once allocated to an individual or substance  is unaffected by a difference in name, address inside or crosswise over states in India or different variables.
IT Returns Filing: All people and elements who are qualified for Income impose are relied upon to record their IT returns. A PAN card is essential for documenting of IT returns and is the essential reason people and different elements apply to one. Opening a financial balance PAN card is required with a specific end goal to open another ledger, regardless of whether it is a reserve fund or a present record. All banks, regardless of whether open, private or co-agent, require the accommodation of a PAN card so as to open a record with them.
Purchasing or offering an engine vehicle: If you wish to purchase or offer an engine vehicle worth more than Rs. 5, 00, 000, you need to give your PAN Card subtle
elements when directing the exchange.

Other usages of PAN include:
 Installation of Telephone.
 Visa Facilitation Centres.
 Payment in Second Hand Car Dealings.
It is seen that quoting or producing a copy of your PAN card is compulsory in practically every money transaction, and not restricted to Income Tax dealings. The significance
of PAN cannot be questioned as this has become the primary document sought in all important legitimate dealings.

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