Link your Aadhaar Card and voter ID Card as one many people will belive that they could be more happy to do so.

Most Indian inhabitants agree with the Election Commission's turn of associating the Aadhaar card with voter ID card to take out coercion and duplicate voters and enable electronic voting later on.
The Election Commission, back in February 2015 had issued rules for interfacing Aadhaar with Electors; Photo Identity Card (EPIC), commonly known as the voter ID card, as a component of the National Electoral Rolls Purification and Authentication Program (NERPAP). Nonetheless, the Supreme Court had remained the move in August 2015 deciding and said that the one
of a kind distinguishing proof number or the Aadhaar card won’t be utilized by the respondents for any reason other than the PDS conspire and specifically with the end goal of circulation of nourishment grains, and cooking fuel, for example, lamp fuel.
Prior this year in July, the Election Commission of India (EIC) had presented its application to the Supreme Court for the gathering of Aadhaar subtle elements of voters and connecting them to their
database. A sum of 9,160 votes were surveyed on this inquiry with only two percent picking not to express their supposition. It is trusted that electronic voting would likewise influence the voting to process less demanding and exceptionally agreeable for the residents. It would likewise build the level of the general population who give their votes a role as they will have the capacity to vote from their PC or advanced mobile phone settling down anyplace on the planet.
A parallel survey was likewise led to look for resident sentiment over the issue of fake voting occurring in their general vicinity amid races. A sizable 28 percent replied in a and 35 percents said that they did not know about it. Just 37 percent said that they were certain false voting was not happening. In excess of 6,800 nationals voted on this survey and countless said that false voting influences the whole voting to process ineffectual and should be controlled. The administration had as of late made it compulsory for the natives to connect their Aadhaar with PAN for recording wage government forms. Subjects sees recommended that they are concurring for a comparative move to interface the voter ids with Aadhaar.

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