How to cancel your Pan Card?

To cancel a Pan Card he or she must have to fill a Pan Card cancellation form that has been allotted to their respective name. This form is just similar to the form which you have filled while applying new  Card or while correcting the detail in the Pan Card. For this the person should get form from two methods firstly by offline method or by online method.
For online cancellation click on Apply PAN online option After clicking online this page is redirected to the new page where you have to fill the details as mentioned in the form.
For off line cancellation you can download the form the internet and fill the detail as mentioned in the form.
Procedure to cancel the PAN CARD
For this you have visit website and fill in the required details The pan card you have to cancel has to be mentioned at the top of the form. The Extra  should be mentioned in the column number 11 and the  Card that has to be canceled should be accounted or submitted along with the form which you have filled
Offline cancellation Fill form 49A for making any alteration on the Card. The form 49A should be submitted NSDL TIN facilitation center .
Write the letter to assessing employee for the concerned jurisdiction and write all the detail
Name of card holder
Detail of the Pan Card
Card holder must have the acknowledgement copy of the letter that has to be proof that is additional Pan Card that has to be cancelled

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