PAN Card Name Change Procedure Online

PAN Card Name Change Procedure Online

PAN Card Name Change Procedure Online

Bank account statement

Complete the form in English using a pencil

Listed below are the steps you Want to follow to Receive your name etc.. upgraded in your PAN card
PAN Card Title Change because of some reason
All the files can be filed as speech evidence for PAN Card title change.

Tick the box on the left hand margin of this form in which change is necessary to indicate while finishing the PAN Change Request Type.

Measure 4 – Purchase the amount charged to your changes that are necessary. This is sometimes accomplished through charge card, debit card, or banking.
Mention the PAN that is allotted from the place
The way to Signature and Change Photo in Pan Card
PAN Card Title Change form filed online or may be printed and completed. Submitting and while printing the petition for name change, It’s Important to Not Forget to:
Measure 6 – Email the form to the NSDL or UTI address. You also need to have a copy of your PAN Card together with the application form, evidence of date of arrival, and your ID evidence, speech evidence.
Certification issued by a Gazetted officer

PAN Card Name Change Procedure Online


A PAN name change could be required because of a range of explanations. Some of the causes of change include union, title that is misspelled change of title along with others. The PAN card name change process is straightforward and can be achieved by submitting form for PAN Card Name Change via NSDL or even TIN. The charge for asking PAN card alter is Rs.105 and if, the PAN card needs to be sent abroad, another cost of Rs.866 is appropriate.

Marriage certificate

Sign within the box and round the photograph
PAN Card Correction
Documents, in the Event You are currently applying for name change

PAN Card Title Change

You are able to submit any of the documents.
Driver’s license

Documents needed for PAN Card Name Change
As supporting files Besides this application, these documents must be filed:

Affix two colour photographs in the area

Step 2 – fill up the form and then update the area where you’d love to create the shift.

Book from Official Gazette of name change
Voter ID card

These documents are recognized as evidence of identity:

Marriage Invitation
The ID card of voter
Measure 3 – Consolidate speech evidence your ID evidence, and evidence of date of arrival.

Copy of Passport


Additionally Know About PAN Card Correction
Book from Official Gazette of name change
Affidavit notification, or paper publication that suggests your name change

PAN Card Title Change

Marriage Certification

Step 1 – Ask to your’PAN change/correction’ application form via the UTI or NSDL site. The NSDL site is. —

Your utility bills in the residence

Credit card

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric code, Also issued in the Kind of a card from the Income Tax Department at India. PAN empowers the Income Tax Department to monitor all transactions of entity or a individual. Back in India, PAN is compulsory to get a filing of Income Tax Return, depositing money of over Rs.50 million, opening bank accounts, receiving telephone link, etc., so it’s essential for all entities and persons in India to acquire a PAN Card. A PAN card name change required because of a range of reasons such as union, misspelled title card, change of some explanations and title. We examine the procedure with a emphasis on PAN card name change process that is following union, for PAN card title change from India.
Documents for speech signs and ID evidence:

School diplomas or certificates

Step 5 – On the copy of the application form, glue your picture and signal it.

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